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Simon Jarvis

Simon Jarvis provides utilities for making your life as a Windows System Administrator a lot easier and automated eliminating time and money spent developing custom scripts or workarounds for solutions that either do not exist or are complicated requiring specialized labour.

USMT XML Builder is a powerful, quick and sophisticated editor of USMT XML migration templates/scipts editor with features of a GUI interface for editing and creating new migration templates for use in Microsoft's USMT command line utility for migration of user settings and files when migrating to updated Windows OS versions or refreshing your existing Windows operating environments. Its a fully featured USMT GUI More...

Wifi & Proxy Handler is a system tray utility for automatically switching your windows internet proxy server on and off based on whether the proxy server is available on the given WiFi or Ethernet LAN connection. This utility will also disconnect from the connected WiFi connection if connected to an Ethernet Port preventing 2 connections to different networks. This is idela for users of corporate systems when connected to the corporate LAN during the day using a corporate proxyy server and then at home using therir private Internet connection with no proxy server. This utility also support VPN (PPP) connections to the corporate LAN when connecting via a VPN connectionand requiring a proxy server.

GPOUpdate is a command line utility for editing/updating local registry based group policies. GPOUpdate provides system administrators with the ability to change local or remote group policies, delete existing policies and refresh AD and local policies from a central location. GPOUpdate can apply any registry setting into a group policy which is ideal for maintaining standalone kiosk terminals or provides a centralized solution in environments where AD based group policies are not available. More...

CertExport has changed its name to CertMig. CertMig is a command Line Utility for exporting and importing all your personal Certificates from a command line prompt or administrative script.

CertMig exports and imports all public/private keys (PFX) certificates and X.509 public certificates to a single directory. No need to know the certificate name, CertMig enumerates all user installed certificates in the personal certificate store and exports them to a specifed directory. You can also import all certificates from your backed up directory back into your new PC. More...